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Could this story about two farmers and their cows transform your business?



A Simple Lesson That Will Lock Clients to YOU for Life


Dear Fellow Real Estate Professional,


I want to share a story with you that will most likely change the way you look at your real estate business. It’s a story that legendary business-building guru Dan Kennedy tells. It’s a story that illustrates a mistake most real estate professionals make.


It goes something like this …


Two guys decide to start their own farms. The first guy runs out and buys a bunch of cows for his farm because he believes that he can turn the cows into profit.


The second guy wants to buy cows, too, but he realizes that he doesn’t have the proper setup to handle the cows and turn them into profit. So instead of racing out to buy cows, he calls a fence company and has a massive fence built around his pasture. Once the fence is installed, he orders cows for his new farm.


The first farmer’s cows arrive, and slowly but surely they wander away because he didn’t do anything at all to keep them in his pasture. He bought the cows, invested the money he thought would produce results, then he let them all just walk away.


The second farmer’s cows, on the other hand, nicely fenced-in, fed and nurtured by the farmer, stayed on his farm and produced income for many years to come.



Unfortunately, most people operate their real estate business just like the first farmer. Instead of investing in cows, however, they’re investing in leads for their business.


Let me stop for a second and introduce myself. My name is Mark Koestner, and from my years of experience in marketing and consulting for Brokers and Realtors, I can say with 100-percent certainty that most don’t have a real plan to handle the leads they generate.


They’re spending a fortune to generate all these leads, but they don’t have a way to keep these prospects engaged or involved. They repeatedly waste a TON of money by letting these prospects just wander off.


Where does this leave you?


It leaves you wasting time chasing prospects, begging for listings, asking clients for referrals – all with no way to keep your prospects in your pasture.


If you don’t lock clients to you, you’ll be forced to sacrifice your nights and weekends, working entirely on someone else’s terms.


Can you even count how many family events you have missed because you were with buyers, some of whom never even bought? Do you even want to think about how many times you let people you cared about down because of your schedule? The truth is agents constantly bend over backwards for clients, sacrificing time, energy and money, always chasing the next sale. And you do it for one primary reason …


You’re replaceable


It sounds bad, but you know it’s true. Your clients can easily replace you. You sacrifice your happiness to sell a home because you realize that there are many other agents competing for your clients’ business. These agents would gladly fit themselves into your clients’ schedules. If you don’t say “yes” every single time a client asks for something, you feel as though you could lose that client. The feelings are real and justified. Agents do lose clients all the time. Clients are not as loyal as they once were.


So you cater to the whim of every client, holding their hand, kissing their behind, because you know if you don’t, someone else will.


How to finally turn the tables


If a client wants you to be available 24/7, and you’re not, they simply move on to the next agent. But what if you could turn the tables? How much easier would life be if you could simply move on to the next client, the way these clients just move on? The only way this would be possible is if you had clients than you needed.

So what does an agent have to do to have more clients than he or she needs?

Clients come from leads. To more clients than you need, you must have more leads than you need. This puzzle is solved by working backwards, which wasn’t taught in any of your real estate classes. But some agents figure it out and begin testing new lead-generation strategies and marketing campaigns to generate more leads. This is great, but it creates a new problem.


What do you do with all of these leads?


Let’s get back to the story of the two farmers. Smart, successful agents are the ones who put a “fence” around the leads they generate. This is how they become irreplaceable in the clients’ eyes, and how they are able to simply move to the next client and work on their own terms.


After Dan Kennedy tells his farmer story, he always says that the best fence a business owner can build around his customers is a powerful monthly newsletter.

A good newsletter keeps your prospects engaged. It’s a way you can provide them with something of value, establish yourself as an “expert” in your clients’ eyes, and build a relationship that makes YOU irreplaceable to THEM, instead of the other way around. A good newsletter is a tool the best marketers in the world use to but a fence around their leads and convert them to income.


The key word is “good” newsletter. How do you come up with a “good” newsletter?


To make sure your newsletter is read and valued, you need to study other successful newsletters or publications. What publications have the highest subscription numbers? 


First, you would need to study subscription rates. Second, you would need to study single-copy sales rates. These rates would give you an idea of what the market values. You should pay attention to what the market values. What are some of the key components in these magazines? Can you use these key components in your newsletter? Could they become part of your template?


Here are the top 10 subscription magazines/newsletters:

(Circulation Data obtained from Circulation Data provided by Audit Bureau of Circulations - www.accessabc.com)


                                            # of subscribers

AARP Magazine                          22,270,073

AARP Bulletin                            22,270,073

Readers Digest                          10,228,531

TV Guide                                    9,016,188

Better Homes and Gardens           7,268,424

National Geographic                    5,468,471

Good House Keeping                   4,623,113

Family Circle                              4,372,813

Ladies Home Journal                   4,108,619

Woman’s Day                             4,060,610


Here are the top ten single-copy magazines:

(Information obtained from Audit Bureau of Circulations – www.accessabc.com)


Cosmopolitan                            1,945,296

People                                      1,561,386

Woman’s World                          1,407,355

First for Women                         1,262,581

In Touch Weekly                        1,227,350

US Weekly                                   978,285

Family Circle                                867,008

O, The Oprah Magazine                 866,884

Glamour                                      861,006

National Enquirer                         812,686


This is extremely valuable information. Can you see why? 


Take Reader’s Digest and study this magazine. Now, the reason to focus on Reader’s Digest is because it is one of the largest subscription magazines. This means that consumers pay to receive this each and every month. Also, because this is one of the top-selling subscriptions, you can feel pretty certain that the people receiving it actually read it. This is something you should pay attention to when preparing your monthly newsletter. In fact, you should study and learn from these top-selling publications. They have a formula that is proven. From a quick review of Reader’s Digest, you will note that each issue seems to have the following:


Articles surrounding the following topics:

1)    Finances

2)    Family

3)    Health Care

4)    Stress/Clutter Organization

5)    Celebrity Interviews


The magazine also has the following sections:

1)    Quotes

2)    Jokes/Funny Stories/Comics

3)    Mental Challenges

4)    Readers Comments


In addition, the magazine features multiple advertisements and photos.


Let’s now take a look at TV Guide. Here are the Departments they feature each week:


1)    Moment of the Week

2)    Hot List

3)    You Tell Us! – Comments from Readers

4)    Behind the Scenes

5)    Cheers & Jeers

6)    Roush Review – Review of TV shows

7)    TV Listings

8)    Celebrity Gossip – similar to People Magazine


Both magazines also include photos. These photos are used to increase readership and improve retention. The photos are entertaining. In addition, it should be noted that both magazines feature multiple advertisements, running the gamut.


If you take some time and study these two magazines side by side, you might note a few similar items. For example, you will notice they both feature the following:


1)    Interesting photos

2)    Comments from Readers

3)    Celebrity info

4)    Interesting or entertaining articles

5)    Advertisements


What does this mean for you? It suggests that you should model your monthly newsletter with similar articles and sections.


That’s not to suggest you copy any of their material. You instead can learn from their format. You could lay out a newsletter with various sections. The best newsletters include many of the items outlined above. The reason you should study these magazines is because they are proven winners. They have recurring readership and are read by their subscribers. By following this format, you know in advance that your newsletter will be effective. Loyal readers are loyal clients.


This is what my mentor, a broker named Rob Minton who now coaches hundreds of real estate professionals throughout North America, says about the newsletter that transformed his business:



“After studying dozens of newsletters and magazines for information, I examined my list of findings and sketched out a template for my own monthly newsletter. My goal was to incorporate the commonalities of the best newsletters and magazines.
For the next three weeks, I woke up a few hours early EVERY DAY and worked on my newsletter. And let me tell you, it wasn’t some rinky-dink newsletter. It was jam-packed with content. When the first issue was finally finished I was so excited. I printed it and mailed it to my database, and, believe it or not, the phone started ringing.


In addition, I sent my newsletter to everyone I knew. Before long, they started talking about it. ‘Hey, I received your newsletter and …..’ This opened up many conversations and helped me to move more of the leads generated into home sales, which meant that I had turned the tables on my clients. My monthly newsletter became a tool I could use to replace clients. I no longer needed to kiss everyone’s rear end. I could actually say “No” to a client.
Now, you’re probably skeptical that one simple newsletter could be so powerful, but it’s true: My business took off when I finally found a way to “stay in front of” my clients and prospects with a branded, consistent communication tool that was not a hard sales pitch.


I delivered a hard-copy newsletter to my clients’ mailboxes each month – jam-packed with content that they couldn’t wait to read, that they eagerly awaited month in and month out. I spent 20 to 30 hours a month on my newsletter. It became the foundation of my business and my main strategy for communicating with my database.


The newsletter was like buying insurance for my database. I’ll bet you carry insurance on your most valuable possessions, such as your home and your car, don’t you? Well, in business, your database is your most valuable asset. You insure this asset by sending a newsletter each month. You keep the prospects fenced in your pasture, protected.”


-Rob Minton



In 2005, Rob hired me to write and edit his monthly newsletters, and I’ve written more than 60 – all following the successful template created from his original research. This newsletter has been so powerful at building a loyal following that he has received many letters, cards and notes about it from clients who read it religiously. Here is what some of Rob’s clients have told him about the newsletter I wrote for him:



“You provide a great insight into a great number of concepts we take for granted. When I read your newsletter every month, I always read it with a legal pad and pen next to me for the many action items I get inspired about.”


Chris Thomas




“Keep up the good work with the monthly newsletters. We find them quite valuable and often laugh as well.”

Dan & Dawn Sell




Thank you for the welcome. Your organization looks to be what I have been searching for in my quest for real estate success. Your team is very professional and down-to-earth people I look forward to working with. Your newsletter is very well-done and informative.”

Jim Reboudo




"Your newsletter comes along like a 2-ton wrecking ball and destroys all negative thoughts and clears a path for positive and more productive thoughts. You constantly motivate me and give me the tools to use in the field."


Matt Phillips




“And we get so much information and knowledge from the monthly newsletters and audio CDs – it helps us stay on track and inspired to squeeze the most out of work and life every day.” 

Devin & Chris Murray




“I always look forward to reading your newsletter every month. As a person who reads about 10-15 newsletters a month, I believe I can honestly say that your newsletter is probably the most heartfelt and honestly written newsletter I read every month. Your Client for Life.”

Travis Moore




Each month, I poured a ton of content into Rob’s newsletter – feature articles, tax tips, strategies for investing, advice for home owners, real estate news and more. This was a HUGE effort, for which Rob paid me a healthy full-time salary.


The reason Rob spent the money to hire me, a professional journalist, to write his newsletter is because it was such a valuable sales tool. By locking clients to him, the newsletter allowed Rob stop missing family events and re-arranging his schedule around his clients’ whims. Because it touches multiple clients, instead of just one at a time, a good newsletter is a “sales asset” that allows massive time leverage.


Listen, there are only two things to do to build a profitable real estate business. These two things are:


1. Get new clients

2. Retain existing clients


For some reason, agents seem to focus 95 percent of their time, energy and attention on getting new clients while past clients walk right out of the pasture. You have to agree – this doesn’t make very much sense, does it?


This happens because newsletters aren’t easy to put out each month. They take a significant amount of time, planning and effort. So even the agents who know a monthly newsletter should be a huge priority in their business just can’t seem to implement this strategy.


What’s strange is that they all read similar newsletters, and see that they’re successful.


Hundreds of agents are reading weekly and monthly newsletters, but they aren’t copying the strategy in their own businesses. For some reason, they experience this, but they haven’t thought of doing the same thing with their clients.


Can you answer “yes” to any of the following questions? …


1. Do prospects view you as “just another real estate agent?”


2. Do you struggle converting prospects into clients?


3. Do you find yourself wishing you had “higher-quality” leads?


4. Are you concerned that your clients will find another agent if you don’t kiss their rear end?


5. If you have agents on your team, are you worried that your agents will steal your clients?


6. Do you feel as if you have a lot of money invested into your database and need a way to make sure you get a return on that investment?


If you answered “yes” to any of the questions listed above, I strongly suggest you send a newsletter to your database each month. A great newsletter solves every challenge or problem listed.

You have two choices with regard to your newsletter:


1.  You can design your own newsletter template and dedicate many hours a month to writing your newsletter.


2.  Or you can hire someone else to write your newsletter – like Rob did – on your behalf.



The second option saves you time, but it could be costly. Hiring a freelance writer – even an inexpensive, inexperienced one – to write original content, edit and lay out an eight-page newsletter would probably cost you at least $400. You might be able to get a price break committing to, say, 12 months of newsletters, but even a 25-percent discount is $300 a month and $3,600 per year. Rob paid a LOT more than this for his newsletter.


The first option saves you money but requires a lot of your time. Let’s face it, if putting out a monthly newsletter were simple, everybody would be doing it. It takes time to find topics to write about. It takes time to research articles, and it takes even more time to write them. It takes time to edit and lay out all the copy.


So while a newsletter is a valuable business-building tool, it may also seem like a luxury you don’t have time for. The harsh truth is, however, that it’s not a luxury; it’s a necessity. Especially these days, when your prospects and clients are bombarded with messages from other media, day in and day out.


Now for some better news …


You can now get a powerful monthly newsletter, modeled after the best-selling magazines, “done for you” without having to write a single word of it yourself!


I now work with hundreds of agents all over North America, and I can tell you the one main difference between those who succeed and those who fail is consistent follow-up. It’s that simple. You MUST have a consistent way to deliver your message to prospects and clients … no matter how much time it takes.


So what’s the solution? Have it done for you.


I am now offering a complete, done-for-you monthly newsletter service. You get an informative, content-filled, entertaining client newsletter written by a professional journalist with an extensive background in real estate marketing. In fact, it’s exactly like the one Rob used in his business, but without any of the work. The best of both worlds!


A monthly, eight-page newsletter in electronic format that you can customize any way you want


Feature articles, news stories, commentary, book reviews, quotes, “how-to” advice and more – all professionally written by a former journalist and current real estate writer.


Versatility to deliver your newsletter in a hardcopy version via an inexpensive “bulk” self-mailer, or e-mail format by converting to PDF


Branding of your business that will appeal to ALL clients and prospects, but also focus on niches such as investors and foreclosure buyers


The ease of a turnkey product. Your involvement requires literally only minutes each month


A way to add passive, recurring monthly income to you business by selling subscriptions and advertising.


THE tool that will establish you as the expert in your market and dominate your competition


How much time will this save you? How many hours of your time each month would be required to produce a professional newsletter? On top of the time it saves, think about the marketing dollars you could focus elsewhere if you have a consistent and proven client communication asset doing all this work for you.


Here is what a few agents who recently began using this service have to say already:



"This newsletter has quickly become an invaluable tool in our business. We are able to stay in contact with our clients and prospects and provide them with content they care about. And without "hard-selling” them. It gives us great positioning with our clients and has built relationships that led directly to sales."

Mike Sivula

Cleveland, Ohio




"I use both the monthly hard-copy newsletter and weekly ezines. I customize them in minutes, and deliver them to literally thousands of clients and prospects with hardly any effort. I write a lot, all of my own marketing plus my blog ... I would never have time to put out all the content I receive in the newsletter and ezines, so they are vital time-savers."

Josh Schoenly

Harrisburg, Pa.




“Mark's newsletter service saves me hours and hours every month because he does all the research, writing and design, It's done for me and it only takes a few minutes to personalize the newsletter, and it's ready to print and mail.”

Tami Roberts

Foley, Ala.



What would you pay for this valuable tool that saves your time and locks your clients into you? Would it be worth the considerable sum Rob paid me each month to produce his newsletter? Would it be worth the best-case scenario of $300 per month to a cheap freelancer, as mentioned earlier?


I think it would be, but that doesn’t matter. Right now, this service is available to you for just $47 per month. But before you sign up, let me share …




As a special bonus for signing up for this fantastic monthly service now, you will also receive my Done-for-Your Weekly E-Zine Service.


This provides you with a weekly electronic magazine (e-zine) that you can quickly and easily send out to your database. Each week, you will receive, in Word format, a document you can personalize then copy and paste into any e-mail program.


You’ll get the same kind of professionally written content as in your monthly newsletter, packaged into a quick and effective tool that will keep you in contact with your prospects and clients even more regularly.


exact, proven format many successful agents use in their business each week. And it will be yours to use as part of your low monthly fee.


And, if you choose, you could find businesses within your market that would be willing to pay to advertise in your newsletter or your weekly e-zine. This would help you turn your newsletter into income!


Hopefully, you can see just how powerful a tool this monthly newsletter would be in your business. Or, if you are already sending out a monthly newsletter, maybe you can see how getting access to a done-for-you newsletter would save you a ton of time and money..


Basically, you now have three choices:


1.  Don’t send a newsletter to your database and let your clients wander away at their leisure from your pasture. Obviously, this is not smart.


2.  “Go it alone,” and spend the time, energy and money to come up with an effective way to automatically engage your prospects and clients so that you can survive in this business.


3.  Put your prospect follow-up and client communications on “autopilot” by having a quality, eight-page monthly newsletter and weekly e-zines completely done for you.


There is no long-term commitment on your part for this service. No contract for you to sign. Order today and you will receive your first done-for-you weekly ezine instantly. After that, you will receive a new done-for-you weekly ezine each Tuesday, and your eight-page newsletter on or around the 20th of each month. You can cancel this service at any time if for any reason you’re not satisfied. No questions asked. There’s no long-term commitment.


Now, you’re probably asking “What’s the catch?” Well, there is one catch: I am making this offer available to the first 100 agents who sign up now. This $47 pricing is a special, limited-time offer to the first 100 new subscribers. The price of this service will be increased to $97 a month after the first 100 places are filled.


Right now, with limited marketing of this service, there are 67 already subscribed. So sign up for your done-for-you newsletter by completing the form below today.


Stop letting clients just wander off on their own. Put a fence around them today.



Order Now At the


YES Mark, I want my done-for-you 8-page monthly newsletter and weekly ezine, which I can personalize and send to my prospects and clients for consistent, automatic follow-up and communication! I have read and agree to the legal disclaimers below.


Your initial charge will be $47. You will then be automatically charged $47/month after your initial charge has been made..


You will receive an email every week with your weekly done-for-you ezine, and each month will receive your customizable 8-page hard copy newsletter on or around the 20thh.  The eight-page newsletter will be delivered in Microsoft Publisher format via email.




(Even if it’s 2:00 AM on Saturday))

And will receive your monthly newsletter via email on the 20th of each preceding month



“Done for You Newsletter”



* Every effort has been made to accurately represent this product and its potential. Please remember that each individual’s success depends on his or her background, dedication, desire and motivation. As with any business endeavor, there is no certain guarantee that you will earn any money.


Legal Disclaimers/Information


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Mark Koestner


P.S. Once this service is ordered by 100 agent at this introductory price of $47 a month, the price will be increased to $97 a month.  Only 33 spots at this price remain, so I strongly recommend you fill out the order form right now!




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